STF Aurora Sky Station - världens bästa ljusupplevelse

Datum: Torsdag 21 nov 2019 - lördag 21 mar 2020 Visa karta

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  • "winterholiday"

    torsdag 28 mar 2019

    "We came because of nature and the STF Mountain Station gave us a perfect base of infrastructure to make our own first steps in the winter fjäll wonderland, with -30 C, a lot of ..."



5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad torsdag 28 mar 2019

We came because of nature and the STF Mountain Station gave us a perfect base of infrastructure to make our own first steps in the winter fjäll wonderland, with -30 C, a lot of snow and incredible polar lights! Thank you for making this experience possible!

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3   Genomsnittlig, rekommenderad  Recenserad tisdag 26 mar 2019

Det blåste mycket och var mulet så vi visste att vi inte skulle kunna se något norrsken men ändå mysigt att åka upp. Vädret kan en ju inte rå på.

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1   Mycket dålig  Recenserad söndag 24 mar 2019

Blizzard weather conditions resulted in the sky station closing. Instead they offered a viewing of a northern lights video and hike and insisted since they offered a substitute they would not return the cost or even provide a voucher to use on another day. This is like having the chair lifts closed at a ski resort and having them tell you that you can watch a video of people skiing instead so you will still need to pay. In addition, the weather conditions did not allow for safe travels to Abisko from Kiruna. I don’t believe that it was likely that the hike in the blizzard that they offered even took place. This practice is dishonest and would not trust this establishment.

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5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad fredag 15 mar 2019

Although the Aurora station at Abisko offers high chance of experiencing the northern lichts, there is no guarentee. Luck is needed!

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"Damn clouds !"

4   Mycket bra, rekommenderad  Recenserad tisdag 12 mar 2019

The aurora were so good until we arrived on top and the clouds came in...

But before that :

The reservation without refund even in case the lift is down made our group hesitate for a long time !

The clothing area was a total mess ! Too many people, too warm, no information about timing to embark or way to get clothed. For example, put signs on time left to go depending on number of people in the queue. People get all sweating while putting overall and waiting until they finally get out in the very cold. Also make a display on how to get properly dressed, some of our people had to recloth at the summit.

Lift is so slow...

And when we arrive, some more help to avoid slipping on ice in the faint red light, like ropes or net would help.

And some information about what's inside the station, because we feared heat and fog on spectacles.

Thank you !

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3   Genomsnittlig  Recenserad måndag 11 mar 2019

Heure de montée trop tardive .

Emplacement pour photographier un peu dangereux

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Adeline Moya

"This is a fraud"

1   Mycket dålig  Recenserad fredag 8 mar 2019

Of course, watching northern lights high in the mountain is theoretically a great experience. If you can see them. If the organization that sells the tickets is a fair organization that respects basic commercial rules.

It is not because you write on your receipt that you will not reimburse anything in case the weather is bad, that it makes it ok. I purchased 2 tickets and it was snowing and 100% cloudy the night I had my booking. You offer 0% therefore you are a real 0. You are a fraud and thank you for sending me this survey, it reminded me how angry I am with you.

Feel free to contact me: 0735957868.

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"Due to the weather we did not visit the sky station"

3   Genomsnittlig  Recenserad fredag 8 mar 2019

We booked the Sky Station Visit in advance. However, the weather was so bad that we decided not to go up the mountain. Unfotunately there is no option to cancel the visit any more.

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Aurora lover

"Great view and food. Bad storytelling"

3   Genomsnittlig, rekommenderad  Recenserad torsdag 7 mar 2019

The staff is friendly

The ride to the top with the chairlift takes long and can be cold so dress up warm and use the overalls they offer hou!

The journey to the top and from the top is great with spectecular views. You might see aurora from the. Hairlift

Dinner at the top is great

Dinner room could be more decorated in local style matching the identity of the place,

Storytelling is short and old fashioned. I expected more from that

If there is aurora you will have a great view on it from the top!

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"Dåligt ersättningsprogram "

1   Mycket dålig  Recenserad onsdag 6 mar 2019

Jag hade förhandsbokat att åka liften upp till norrskenstornet men pga det blåsiga vädret blev detta inställt. Fick då vara med på det sk. ersättningsprogram istället som var mycket dåligt. Fick lite varm lingondricka som var alldeles för svag och sen fick vi även lite varm choklad i nån typ av lappkåta. Fick sedan en kort presentation på ca 30 min om norrsken och sen var det inte just nå mer. Guiderna som höll i detta program tycker jag inte alls var nå engagerade. Alltihop kändes väldigt improviserat trots att de ju borde ha varit med och haft detta ersättningsprogram förut. De påstod att det var för halkigt/isigt för att vara ute och gå o kika på norrsken och ville därför avvakta.... jag gick ut på egen hand i det stormiga vädret och det gick bra ändå, så isigt var det faktiskt inte. Verkligen inte värt pengarna jag betalade! Man hade åtminstone kunnat fått nån produkt med norrskensmotiv el liknande som "plåster på såren" (inte för att de går att jämföra med hur det säkerligen skulle vara att vara uppe i tornet o åka upp i liften) men bättre än ingenting iaf. Nu kändes det bara som att man kastade pengarna i sjön och jag och min kille blev mycket besvikna över detta.

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