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  • "Dansande norrsken i stjärnklar polarhimmel!"

    onsdag 24 jan 2018

    "Helt suverän hike till Torneträsk. Mäktigt att stå på isen och se hela himlarymden. Gott och familjärt med varm lingdricka framför brasan efteråt."


"Visit to Aurora Sky Station"

4   Mycket bra, rekommenderad  Recenserad tisdag 30 jan 2018

The Sky Station was closed because the lift was broken. We felt the alternative package which we did was expensive for what we did. The guide gave us a talk on the Northern lights and then we walked from the tourist station for about 15 mins towards the lake.

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Förenade Arabemiraten

"Poor response rate by STF customer service"

3   Genomsnittlig  Recenserad söndag 28 jan 2018

The customer service of STF is very poor in responding to email inquiries and updating customers.

There were 2 incidences where I emailed - on the first emai requesting to change the date of my booking - no reaponse from STF. i had to call long distance in order to change the date.

2nd, i opted for cancellation for refund since the chair lift was not working on my booked date - only received 1 email asking for confirmation of my name which I responded then no more update if my refund was being processed.

I also inquired if they will refund my transfer to/from the hotel that I booked with them and there was no response until now and that was on Jan 23 and today is the 27th.

I am very disappointed with the service

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"Dansande norrsken i stjärnklar polarhimmel!"

5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad onsdag 24 jan 2018

Helt suverän hike till Torneträsk. Mäktigt att stå på isen och se hela himlarymden.

Gott och familjärt med varm lingdricka framför brasan efteråt.

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"Our guide Cecilia made our night great, despite no Aurora Sky Station"

3   Genomsnittlig, rekommenderad  Recenserad fredag 19 jan 2018

The chairlift was broken to the Aurora Sky Station so we had dinner in the STF Tourist Station which was amazing. Afterwards, we walked out to a clearing to watch the Northern Lights, which did show themselves! Cecilia, our guide, was terrific and made the experience worthwhile. The only criticism I have is that our evening should have been offered at a reduced cost, because of the missing Sky Station portion of the evening. Everyone else canceled but we were the only two people to soldier on. At $500 for two people, it is a hefty price to pay for the inconvenience.

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4   Mycket bra, rekommenderad  Recenserad torsdag 18 jan 2018

We weren't aware of the time frame it would take on the Chairlift.

Trick for the chairlift is to go last - that way you won't be stoping and starting while everyone gets on and you won't be frozen by the time you reach to top or bottom depending on which way you are heading

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"Exciting experience"

4   Mycket bra, rekommenderad  Recenserad måndag 15 jan 2018

It was an interesting experience onto the Sky Station. We've got some nice pictures. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see northern lights due to the weather. The staff were very kind and helpful. Overalls and boots were provided and very important for a good hiking on top.

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Jack frost

"Oh dear"

2   Dålig  Recenserad fredag 12 jan 2018

They cancel us 1 day before arriving and gave us some dull walk on the woods that honestly i could have done myself. For what we paid they could have at least offer a decent red torch to us but not even that. Im really disapointed.

The guide did her best under the circumstances but honestly I felt ripped off

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5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad torsdag 11 jan 2018


Tyvärr var liften stängd på grund av tekniska problem. Vi valde en guidad tur i parken istället. Det var första gången som vi gick på norrskensjakt så det var bra att ha en guide med sig. Annars kan man gå själv vilket vi gjorde dagen efter. Kaffe och renkött i kåtan var väldigt uppskattat!

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"May be good."

3   Genomsnittlig, rekommenderad  Recenserad tisdag 9 jan 2018

This activity may be good.

However, in our case, rift have a technical issue, so that I can not go to Sky station.

We go down to the lake instead of Sky station.

Unfortunately, weather is not good to see Aurora.

Totally, we can not see the Aurora in that day.

But, this activity may be good. We are just unlucky.

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Happy traveler

"Excellent accommodation"

5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad måndag 8 jan 2018

STF Abisko Mountain Station is an excellent place to base yourself for your stay in Abisko. We stayed in a superior double room. It was clean and comfortable with everything we needed. The restaurant had a good breakfast buffet with variety and quality. Dinners were a choice of vegetarian or meat-based 3 course meals. They changed each day and were well prepared and presented. There are several nice public areas to relax. There is shop. There are good walks directly from the building. You can walk from there into town but there’s not much to see in town. The best of the area is its natural setting. People are friendly and helpful, but that’s true everywhere in Abisko as far as I have experienced. It’s easy to arrange transport to and from Kiruna or anywhere else you want to go.

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