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Datum: Torsdag 30 nov 2017 - lördag 24 mar 2018 Visa karta

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  • "Excellent customer service and experience "

    måndag 27 mar 2017

    "Managed to see an hour show of the northern lights, which made this experience magical. The tour guide was quite informative and shared quite some information on the northern l..."

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"Excellent customer service and experience "

5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad måndag 27 mar 2017

Managed to see an hour show of the northern lights, which made this experience magical.

The tour guide was quite informative and shared quite some information on the northern lights.

Refreshments were good and provided a much needed respite from the freezing cold winds.

A special mention to the night shift person named David. My daughter misplaced her mobile in the overalls and he was very supportive in helping to retrieve the same late at night.

Overall a very positive experience

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"Terrible experience."

1   Mycket dålig  Recenserad söndag 19 mar 2017

On the 1st. night, we just saw clouds.

On the 2nd.night, they not even opened. They took us to another place, full of lights, where we could see less lights than we saw from the frozen lake, at zero cost.

On the 3rd. night, they did not open again.

They do not return your money.

We spent a LOT of money in vain.

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"No aurora for us"

4   Mycket bra, rekommenderad  Recenserad onsdag 15 mar 2017

Nice people and presentation, nice experience to sit in a chairlift in the dark. But unfortunately, we didn't see an aurora. It's quite expensive. The taxi to reach the Aurora Sky Station was 75 euro for 2 persons (10 minutes). When you do see the aurora I can imagine that is priceless, but we where a little disappointed.

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"cold cold cold"

3   Genomsnittlig, rekommenderad  Recenserad söndag 12 mar 2017

Open lift in minus 15 Led us to the station in the night. Unfortunatelly it was cloudy so we didn't see aurora.

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5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad fredag 10 mar 2017

it was fantastic the staff were so friendly and helpful, the dinner was excellent, and to top it all we saw the lights, perfect way to celebrate our fortieth wedding anniversary, going up in the chair lift was fine, But coming down we were scared witless, but oh so worth it, we would like to thank everyone for their professionalism, the talk was really infoemative, all we can add is if you haven't been up there then you should.

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3   Genomsnittlig  Recenserad onsdag 8 mar 2017

I think it is too expensive For what it offered. Northern lights are visible from anywhere and it is not necessary to go up to the hill. Anyway, it is very well organised and the staff is very very kind and friendly.

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Pantheon Chung

"A little bit cold but worth it."

5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad onsdag 8 mar 2017

I think it will better if you can arrange a car drive whole group there and back at a specific time, like at 7:50 and 12:00, respectively.

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5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad måndag 6 mar 2017

all...very very beautiful

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"How lucky can you be"

5   Utmärkt, rekommenderad  Recenserad söndag 5 mar 2017

Our trip to the Aurora Sky Station couldn't have been better. Going up in the dark with the chairlift was mesmerising. Once at the top, the northern lights were really beautiful. And also the trip down was very peaceful. But even without the aurora the Sky Station has enough to offer to make the trip up worthwhile.

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"Hope to God you don't get pitiful NoGo Program"

2   Dålig, rekommenderad  Recenserad måndag 20 feb 2017

Our party Of 4 had a negative experience at the Abisko atouriststation. We understand the risk that weather will not always cooperate but the NoGo Program was NOT a sufficient substitute for the money we spent for a Night Visit. Walking 10 M out the back door to a nearby crowded teepee, having a warm beverage, and stepping out to glance at skies was not how the NoGo Program was described in our confirmation email. Something additional of value (such as a voucher for a free drink or a free appetizer at the restaurant) to offset the expensive price we spent for not going up the chair lift would have been appreciated. Unfortunately the educational discussion about Aurora did not knock our socks off either. This experience did not dampen our Abisko vacation but it was surely an unimpressive start to the weekend. We were treated to a viewing of the lights later behind our hotel which brought the evening to a positive conclusion.

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